Our Services

Health video
Enhance public health knowledge
Online Social Platforms
Through social media platforms to provide immediate and accurate medical knowledge to the public
Professional website for clinic or medical group
Aim to provide the public with efficient access to a platform where appropriate and immediate information is available.
Health talk for business organizations
Inviting healthcare professionals to different companies to provide:
  • Health talk
  • Internal training for staff
Social Events
Inviting healthcare professionals to different social organizations to provide health talk
Public Health column
Provide professional medical knowledge to educate the public on:
  • The understanding of health issues
  • Eliminate some popular medical misconceptions
1. Regular meetings for all healthcare professionals to enhance communications and build up more referral network
2. Regular social events with different topics regarding private practice.
Provide internal training to insurance agents to enrich their medical knowledge so as to facilitate their client's claim issues. They will become more professional in their industry.
Our Mission

It is a great turning point when a healthcare professional left HA. A different set of operational knowledge is necessary to run a clinic or survive in the market. We are providing four different categories of services to facilitate the expansion of peer network and provide professional medical knowledge to educate the public.
Our goal: healthcare professionals could focus on treating more patients, so as to devotedly serve the public and contribute to the society.
Our Vision

Civic responsibility

Raise public awareness of medical care, enabling public to pay more attention to their health and hence reduce medical expenses.

Doctor-patient relationship

Facilitate effective healthcare professionals-patient communication. Help healthcare professionals meeting the needs of patients or public and to achieve satisfactory healthcare professionals-patient relationships. And thus enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Patient benefit

Equip healthcare professionals with more opportunities to bring their professional medical knowledge into play between various channels and make contributions to patients and the public concerned.

Insurance industry

Let insurance industry understand the needs of medical care and enrich their correct medical knowledge. This will make insurance professionals more helpful to their clients.

Local law

Healthcare professionals to comprehend their legal obligations in clinical practice (or issues to pay particular attention to) when they start the private practice.

Our Power Team

Dr. Chan, Consultant

Description: Doctor in private practice for 15 years
Service: Provide business solutions for clinic administration

P.Y. Lee, Media Consultant

19 years in production media, ex- production director of TVB and phoneix television
Service: Health video production, media consultation

Michael Au Yeung, Business Manager

Medical app founder, 4 years experience in sales and marketing department in pharmaceutical companies
Service: Strategic planning and implementation with marketing team.

Erickson Tang, Marketing Manager

Medical app founder, 4 years experience in sales and marketing department in pharmaceutical companies
Service: Strategic planning and implementation with marketing team and IT team.

Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.

- N.R. Narayana Murthy


Who are our target Audience?

Healthcare professionals are our target audience. We provide tailor-made plans to help health professionals to build an extensive network and improve public medical knowledge.

What is the difference of our company to the others?

We serve to provide services ONLY to healthcare professionals. Our Power Team have solid medical background and well established marketing experiences. With our three core elements - experience, innovative and caring, we are confident to provide the most suitable service plans for our customers.

Does MedicSmart have collaborating partners?

Yes. We have been working with a variety of community partners such as elderly homes, community centres, insurance companies and travel agencies, to organize training workshops for healthcare professionals and community health talk for the public.

Why do you need MedicSmart?

Making use of different kinds of activities and social networking platforms, we strive to enhance the communication among healthcare professionals. Furthermore, as false health information has swamped the Internet, we feel obliged to provide professional medical knowledge to educate the public on understanding of health issues and eliminate some popular medical misconceptions.

My nurse and I have already been working on some kind of service items of MedicSmart. Why do I still need MedicSmart?

Do you reckon that the advantages accrued from specialization are substantial? Serving our clients with professional attitudes and knowledge, we hope that their attention is only drawn to patient's matter, so as to devotedly serve the public and contribute to the society.

Will our service be pricey or including any surcharge?

We charge a flat rate and there will be no surcharge. Please contact us for more details.

Can I self-select the number of service items?

Our service is tailor-made for our clients. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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